Digital screen installation

If you're thinking about installing your own screen or screens, don't make the same mistakes others have. We have all seen shop windows or reception areas with 'dead' screens or error messages floating around on them. Or perhaps you can recall a business running content on a screen that is so faint it may as well not be there. 

It's easy to avoid common mistakes once you know how to. Every solution is slightly different; position of screens, complexity of content, hardware specifications, content management system requirements etc. Get any one of these wrong and you may as well throw your cash investment down the drain.

We offer a free 30-minute consultation to help you determine the right solution for you. We are not hardware or software owners, so don't give advice based on what we sell. We will simply advise you what we would do in your circumstances, and then hopefully you'll employ us to deliver the solution. 

Take the first step towards having your own digital screen or screens, and arrange a free consultation today.

Aveda Raw Bella Install Kapow Network_B.

Finance available from just £50 p/m

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