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Brian Storey MD of SavviVille Streatham community app and Kapow Network


Built in Streatham.

For Streatham.

Hi, I’m Brian and I’ve lived in Streatham for 35 years (despite my northern accent). Like many in SW16 & SW2, the Covid lockdowns demonstrated to me what a wonderful, vibrant community Streatham really is. So, I decided to use mobile technology to help our community support each other even better.

Why not join over 5,600 Streatham-ites using the app today (Jan 2022). And if you see me around Streatham with Jasper my Westie please say ‘Hi’ and let me know what you think of it, or drop me a line via the website.
Here are just a few of the reasons to download the app and help support our Streatham community...


Buy local icon from SavviVille Streatham community app

If each of us spent just £100 a year more with local businesses instead of chain stores, it would put an extra £3 million a year into our economy.

You can help! We've made it easy to locate any one of more than 800+ Streatham businesses in just 3 clicks. 
That's far more than you'll find online, and SavviVille displays the nearest one to you!

A really useful app; thank you.

Nipa B - local resident 


Streatham discounts on food, drink, gifts, health, beauty and much, much more.

All offers in the SavviVille App are live, regularly updated and local only to Streatham.
Support your local shops and businesses and save money too.

Events icon from SavviVille Streatham community app

10x more Streatham events than you'll find on Google!

Try this simple test: Google 'events in Streatham' then compare with Streatham's Events in SavviVille.

Download the free app now

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...fab new resource to help us #shoplocal & support our local businesses and community. Great work.

Clair Wilcox - local councillor 

Community icon from SavviVille Streatham community app

Local clubs, places and organisations

all within walking distance

Save travelling time and costs by 'Keeping It Local'. Or report graffiti, fly-tipping and more to keep your community spaces the way they should be.

Loyalty icon from SavviVille Streatham community app

Digital loyalty & points cards

Collect your stamps & points without the worry of losing cards. It's green and supports your local businesses and shops too.

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Explore Streatham

This section is packed full of Streatham stuff you'd normally search ages for. 
Live train times. Track a local bus to see where it is. Plan your cycle route, and find the best place to park it. You can even plan a local tree walk from your front door with info about the rare trees you pass along the way.

Brilliant idea.

So many good and useful tools on here.

Marcusian - local business owner


Your personal guide to everything Streatham.

All in one handy hub.

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Love the tree walks. That's brilliant thanks.

Catherine - local resident

Completely free to use.

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